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Book Review: Once Upon a Christmas Eve

Sarah has been through humiliation and is wary of getting involved with a rake. Adam is a rake who dallies with widows and married women. Unlikely that they will be together, right? This is a fun read. I like Sarah, her sisters and SIL, Megs.

On a side note, these royal families do have a lot of time for leisure and celebrations, do they?

Book Review : Smalltown Christmas

I like the stories but not all of these are rated 4 stars.

I am a bit unsure about the 2nd book because it feels like everything happened so fast.

Ethan and Sam (feels like two males) have a bond unlike any other among the three. To have them be life partners would be exciting.

Book Review: Lady Whistledown Strikes Back

I love the continuation of the little stories in this book. I just had to go back to the earlier ones when the scenes merge.

All stories are good but I like the last one, that is Sophia and Max, the best. It feels like 12 years though is too long to have them in separate lives.

The thief? I had an inkling about it even before it was revealed.

Forbidden Surrender by Carole Mortimer book review

Forbidden Surrender by Carole Mortimer book review

Forbidden Surrender book review

There is less of the heartache, speculations and the drama if only people are more forthright with their feelings and situations. On the other hand, there are some things that are not and should not be readily shared to other people. Forbidden Surrender is just like that. Separated twins and agreements between the main characters as well as confused feelings are what kept the story interesting.

Easy reading.

Liam’s Secret Son book review

Liam’s Secret Son by Carole Mortimer

Liam's Secret Son

As with Harlequin books where the Alpha Male thinks he can get away with whatever he wants, this book shows how he does it. Very male, physically above average and intelligent (aren’t all Alpha Males like this in books), Liam came back into Laura’s life the same way he came into hers the first time. Laura, more mature and more sophisticated, still felt something for him. Liam does not know she has a son with him. Laura does not know the circumstances on Liam’s first marriage.

They do still have feelings for each other after all those years, that much was true. How they came together again is pretty much predictable as with books of this genre.

Why I keep reading these books is something that I can’t answer. I probably just like complicated romance from an era without mobile phones and Social Media.