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How to Eat at a Buffet

Buffet? Where?

Have you been to a buffet and ate till you can’t breathe nor stand up?

I bet you did.


There are however ways on how to eat smartly at a buffet:

  • Sit as far away from the food as possible
  • Position yourself that you are not in direct eye contact with the delectable food offerings
  • Look at the options and see which you think you have not eaten enough of and get these for your consumption.
  • Avoid fattening foods
  • Avoid the raw food especially if you do not have the  stomach for these
  • Lunch time is the best time to go because you still have time to burn the food you ate
  • Choose the food that are more expensive than you can normally afford.  Of course it doesn’t mean these are more delicious but since these may be above your price range, you now have a chance to “feast” on these
  • Slow and Steady will make you be able to have more
  • Be well hydrated.Take small sips of the drinks you have
  • Get food in small portions to avoid feeling full and regretting not being able to eat some food on the buffet table

This article does not tell you to eat less at a buffet, it merely tells you how you can make the most of your buffet experience.

DreamWorks Animation Builds DreamPlay

DreamWorks Animation and City of Dreams Manila is building the first ever DreamPlay Center.



Read more about DreamPlay here.

Sunset last Sunday

Gotta love them sunset skies. I don’t know if it’s just me but I love December/January sunset skies than summer’s more vivid hues. Perhaps its those clouds that make the ski more dramatic. Perhaps because the weather is cooler and I can go out to enjoy the cool breeze.

Here was last Sunday’s sunset sky:

Today's sunset.

It would have been cool to cap off this evening with dinner while there is soft music, cool breeze and warm food. Wouldn’t it be great?

Drive by sunset photo from University Avenue. Check it out here.

Lovely Day


Our “winter tree” basking in the sun under a blue cloudless sky.

I love taking photos from this spot though I dread the typhoon months for fear that those trees might come down on the roof of the house.

Photo first posted here.

Avoid Being a Victim of Electronic Pickpocketing

Last night’s news about a man whose ATM card was just with him but had a big amount withdrawn from said account was something that looks like it was a clip from a movie.

But it wasn’t, it was real.

He was a victim of electronic pickpocketing.

Highly unlikely that people with ATM cards and credit cards can be victims of such high-tech crime but it can happen. There are a few precautions one can do to avoid being a victim:

  • cover the ATM’s keypad with your hand when you withdraw money
  • in establishments where you give your card to the staff for payment like in restaurants, do go to the cashier so that you can see how they handle your credit/debit card. You don’t want the staff to jot down your card details. They may not be the one doing the electronic theft, but they may give these information to others.
  • use RIFD blocking products for contactless cards to avoid having your card details read by the gadgets that are made to do just that

In every way, always be careful with your things.