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How to Prepare When Typhoons Come

Preparing one’s home in case of a typhoon is one of the more practical things we can do to be able to go through a day or two or even possibly a week-long survival from the different effects it may bring our way.

Expect brownouts, water leaks and very cold weather. For the more extreme weather condition, expect fallen down trees (no!!! we have trees beside the house), longer power interruptions and flood (noo!!! we almost got flooded inside the house two years ago).

Just in case, the most logical thing to do if these extreme weather condition come your way, better prep an “emergency kit” with the following:

  • non-perishable food items like canned goods, dried fruits, cereals
  • store bottled water
  • fresh batteries and flashlights with working bulbs
  • candles and matches (or have your rechargeable lights charged)
  • blankets and jackets

Charge all gadgets before the storms are in your area and reserve the battery for emergency cases.

Keep in touch with people just in case something happens.

Above all, keep safe in your home if your home is safe enough. Evacuate when needed and go to safer places. You don’t want to be the one being rescued like you see in the news, right?