Consideration to Others

Consideration to others for me is about courtesy.

It does not entail people to bow their heads in reverence to other people, not its not that.

Consideration encompasses not just respecting the opinions of other people, recognizing their personal space and doing things not just for your own benefit but for the benefit of others too. It shows in courtesy, knowing that there are other people besides yourself.

One of the things I don’t like to see are people who show (intentionally or unintentionally) actions that clearly do not show the proper decorum, especially when they are in public.

Take a look at this photo I took last week while I was waiting for my to-go order from a popular local food chain:

So the weekly question will focus on this photo:

What would you do if you see this in a restaurant?

My answer:

As a mother, I always, always see to it that I “behave” well in public for my children to see. Of course, they see me too at my worst when I get upset and at times show it.

This time though when I saw that pair of shoes on the ledge of a fast food chain as I was waiting for my to-go order, I did not do anything, except to take a photo of the pair of shoes. Normally, I will speak my mind (as what my children have witnessed me do a number of times).

The mother of the toddler saw me took a photo of her daughter’s shoes and immediately removed the pair after I took a snap. At least she got what I meant and I didn’t have to say a word that putting a pair of shoes on a table is an unacceptable action inconsiderate to others.

Things like these irritate me, like a grocery cart parked in the middle of an aisle or parents allowing their  children to use their shoes with wheels in the restaurant or in the grocery store.

One of the worst was last night’s backup car (a black Nissan Super Safari ZPK-57*) who made a siren sound at us while flashing its headlights before cutting the line when we were about to get our tickets to enter an expressway (though this was not just irritating because it was a downright arrogant action). The person who was giving the cards took notice, told the driver, but the driver even got mad at him.

I know I have no right to criticize these people but if these somehow they affect me or anyone with me, I say my piece.

What will you do?

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10 Responses to Consideration to Others

  1. So true, as if the universe revolves around them lang. Hay naku…

  2. Sinabi mo pa. Buti kung sila lang yung kakain eh no? Hmph.

  3. I agree, though ako naman, I seem to be mellowing a bit 😀 A bit lang ha.

    Two-legged animals, FTW!

  4. That’s good to know Z. Though at times there are people who really get in your nerves, hmph. 🙂

  5. Yes, so true, Rachel. If its just them ok lang but if it affect other people, that’s a different story already.

  6. people can really be so thoughtless sometimes … *sigh*

    my post is now up, too! 🙂

  7. grabe, ang bastos!! i posted my answer(s) to your question 🙂

  8. When I was younger, I developed a more tolerant attitude to these inconsiderate, two-legged animals which populate every countries in the world. However, I noted lately that there is something in me (which I am not proud of)that makes me flare up every so often when I unavoidable run into some of these denizens. Siguro dahil tumatanda na ako or worse, I am already there LOL.

  9. Wow! I can’t go rant and rage in front of other people Miss J, unless I am provoked but that hasn’t happened yet. I do know that respecting others is important and try to do my best to respect their rights.

    Read my view HERE

  10. It’s sad how some people do not make an effort to practice good manners in public.

    Here’s mine:

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