Education is a Right

“Education is something I can give an all-out support for all of you.” I always tell that to my children. Then I tell them that education or rather, a degree is something that is truly theirs to keep and put to good use.

This topic on education brings a sentimental tug to my heart not only because we work hard to provide them the best education we can afford but also because it feels that being educated in good schools seems like a privilege, rather than a right. Yes, this is how I feel especially when I see reports of crowded classrooms, teachers, books and classrooms shortage and a host of other school-related problems that cause students to just drop out of school rather than be encouraged to stay and learn.

I dream of one day seeing school-aged Filipino children learning new things and having opportunities to experience what life has to offer. I envision older students whose families can’t afford to send them to universities elsewhere be virtually enrolled through online college degrees programs.

I can dream, can I?

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