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Don’t we just love sale events? I do!!! Photo was watermarked for this other blog. At this recent sale I went to, I was able to buy the children jeans. One has three pairs while the other has two pairs. … Read more »

We Love Book Sale

The bookstore is one of the many places we love to go to especially when there is a book sale going on. We got some new books during the summer sale at a nearby bookstore the other day. I got … Read more »

3 Day Sale

My son Julian and I braved the crowds to get our own discounted and essential loot. Good thing it was not that crowded yet during Friday night. We have no choice, this mall is where we park the car and … Read more »

Used Items

A friend who once used to be a DJ at a late-night rock radio station wants to have his own DJ-ing equipments so I asked him to check out used dj equipment for sale at musicians friend For me personally, … Read more »

Earning Extra

Who doesn’t want to earn “extra”? Everyone does want to earn extra though very few would dare leave their comfort zones and venture out into the “wild”. Earning extra these days come in many shapes and forms. There are virtual … Read more »