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Small Businesses

Based on my observation, there are some people who usually do not look highly on people who own and run a “small business”. Those who usually do are the ones who go to a fancy office wearing fancy clothes and getting their salaries via the ATM. On the other hand, they grapple with traffic on the road, face-off at the MRT/LRT during rush hours and constantly tugging between having to buy that new pair of fashionable shoes versus just paying the latest credit card bill first.

Those with small businesses however, are not any different from the corporate slaves. They too have their shares of struggles: too little time to do other matters because all the time available is spent tending the small business and making it big later on, headache-inducing tasks of balancing business-related matters, and a host of others things that may curb the enthusiasm to continue what is being done and just give everything up.

Here are a few small business ideas that can mean a good ROI if handled properly, meaning using the right approach, the proper timing, the proper venue and the right attitude:

  • meat processing like tocino, longganisa, relleno, products but make sure that you passed the proper health inspection licenses
  • carinderia or food delivery for offices if you love cooking
  • massage and nail spa places
  • specialized stationery and other paper-related crafts
  • sewing special request clothes, especially in the time where cosplay is “in”
  • souvenir thingamajigs
  • flower arrangements
  • party needs

There are a lot more small business ideas out there, just be sure you attend the proper training, get the proper licenses and certificates and put your heart in what you want to accomplish and you are good to start.

Small Business

I have heard this a lot of times from different people and yes, in fact, I have even heard myself tell me that : “When I have enough capital, I will put up a small business.”

Small business can mean being on the lookout for hot dog cart for sale or the recent trend, dimsum cart for a cafeteria concessionaire, maybe home-based business that involves cooking and baking. The list is long, depending on one’s capacity to produce products and give services that others may need to avail of.

Having your own small business is no easy feat, especially if you are not patient to reap the rewards and establish being the go-to for the specialization being offered. But you won’t know if you won’t try, right?

Keeping Small Businesses Afloat

Small businesses can thrive because of their satisfied clients’ recommendation and word-of-mouth advertising. On the other hand, these small businesses will also have to deal with clients’ bad-mouthing them through online forums and blogposts especially when these customers were unsatisfied with their services.

After all those hard work, expenses with advertising, display banner stands, networking online and offline, being extra nice to people and working long hours only to be destroyed by a post or a tweet. That’s.so.sad.

I’m not sure if I like the way online communities “talk” about some topics, whether in a good light or otherwise. Some people post things online that go viral and make things worse instead of having two conflicting ideas meet in the middle. The kuyog or online mob mentality is also something which no one wants to be at the receiving end.

I guess, it has to be a two-way street, don’t join online mob mentality so you won’t be the subject of one.

Of course, there’s no stopping others saying what they think and stating their opinions but in doing so, WE should proceed with caution lest we hurt others without knowing what the real score is all about.