Calamansi Love

I harvested, well sorta harvested, today several green juicy and definitely sour calamansi. Will post a better and higher res photo later. Click here for a link on the photo. Here is a photo of the sour babies:


These have thin skin (dunno what they’re called) and very juicy.

Rains and used coffee grounds are two big help that had the little tree bear these little babies. Sunshine helped the little tree too of course. Everyday, I mix the used coffee grounds in water for “watering” the two little calamansi plants (the other one didn’t yield more than three of these) and the other potted plants. Still have to get photos of these pandan plants and green onions.

Yes, you can get a lot of benefits from used coffee grounds for your vegetable garden. And if you have a catering biz and Caterer Jobs, having your own vegetable garden will help you save some on your expenses to up your profit. #JustSayin’

Get used coffee grounds for free from a Starbucks near you.

Just one of the benefits of being REAL coffee drinkers. We stopped drinking instant coffee a long time ago and only have brewed coffee in the mornings and sometimes as night cap too.


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