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Calamansi Love

I harvested, well sorta harvested, today several green juicy and definitely sour calamansi. Will post a better and higher res photo later. Click here for a link on the photo. Here is a photo of the sour babies:


These have thin skin (dunno what they’re called) and very juicy.

Rains and used coffee grounds are two big help that had the little tree bear these little babies. Sunshine helped the little tree too of course. Everyday, I mix the used coffee grounds in water for “watering” the two little calamansi plants (the other one didn’t yield more than three of these) and the other potted plants. Still have to get photos of these pandan plants and green onions.

Yes, you can get a lot of benefits from used coffee grounds for your vegetable garden. And if you have a catering biz and Caterer Jobs, having your own vegetable garden will help you save some on your expenses to up your profit. #JustSayin’

Get used coffee grounds for free from a Starbucks near you.

Just one of the benefits of being REAL coffee drinkers. We stopped drinking instant coffee a long time ago and only have brewed coffee in the mornings and sometimes as night cap too.


Kung Likas na Masipag

Kung tayo ay maging likas na masipag lamang, madali lang naman magpatubo ng mga halamang mapagkukunan ng pagkain.

Katulad nitong aking tanim na ampalaya:


Madali lang naman pala makapagpatubo, di na kelangan ng mga cheche-bureche, basta me kapiranggot na lupa at gagapangan, tsaka konting dilig, ayos na.

Yun nga lang, di ko maintindihan bakit nahinog agad ang mga iyan, naging orange 😀

Siguro dapat di ko na pinatagal at nagharvest agad ako. Ang naging problema ko lang dito, gumapang ng mataas at hindi na maabot.

Nagsimula na naman kong muli magtanim. Wala pa ulit ampalaya, mukhang kelangan ko ng “cage” para dun at nang hindi ito ulit gumapang ng napakataas sa bakod namin 😀

Composting 101

I have talked about wanting to go back to backyard gardening here. This has been fueled more when we recently went on a field trip to a nearby ecology center and the proper way of composting, among other topics, was discussed.

The kids were made to dig for worms in compost pits. Ewww, I know but these worms are necessary to keep the garden in great shape. In fact, one can purchase these worms in gardening stores.

I looked up videos online to see how composting is done. I also came upon an interesting compost tumbler for composting.

Now, if you have a small space for a compost pit, here was what the lecturer told us: get pots (preferably clay pots) with a little garden soil in it. Put fruit and vegetable peelings, leftover food, dried leaves on top of the soil and cover with soil. Do this over and over until the soil and the other filings are mixed.

A good compost helps in fertilizing the soil to make the garden healthy. If you have a Starbucks branch near you, ask for free used coffee grounds for your garden.

Calamansi Flower

Napakarami kong larawan ng mga magagandang bulaklak. I have many photos of beautiful flowers.

Pero napili kong ilagay ay bulaklak sa ibaba para sa aking Litratong Pinoy entry. But I chose the photo below as my Litratong Pinoy entry:

Calamansi flower

Simple, puti, maliit. SUbalit sa loob nito ay isang maliit na bunga na magiging source ng maasim at masustansiyang juice na hitik sa bitamina. Simple, white and small but inside is a small sour fruit that would be  a rich source of vitamin c.

Bakit nga ba ito ang pinili ko? Kasi na-excite ako sa mga maliliit na bulaklak ito sa aming maliit na hardin ng mga pu-puwedeng kainin o ilagay sa pagkain pagdating ng araw 😀

Our Empty Lawn

I am not an avid gardener. In fact, it was just a few weeks ago when we started to have a little garden with some herbs planted. I have a packet of seeds and two plant troughs ready to be used.Now is the right time to do this for the rains are aplenty and the weather is quite cool.

I was convinced by my husband to have these planted instead of flowers so that we can use these for our own consumption, however long the wait will be.

Lately, we have been discussing, or I have been convincing hubby to have a roof fitted on the front lawn. No, not the corrugated iron type but something like plastic or maybe fiberglass. Then we can put some garden furniture under that roof and spend some time there, instead of just always being cooped inside the house. That would be a wonderful place to have our homeschooling lessons when the mornings are cool. Afternoon would not be a good time because we have the afternoon sunlight there, like the one in the photo below.

This is a photo of the empty lawn with my younger children (my son in the photo and youngest daughter not in the photo) playing outside when the weather is cool. The lawn/space not big but it is big enough for some garden furniture.

So if we are not able to put that roof above the empty lawn, we can opt to use outdoor furniture covers for the furniture as protection from the heat of the sun and the rains.