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Do You Like Reading?

I love reading. Yes, I really do, here is a partial evidence to how much I love reading:


Aside from those (most were purchased in bargain bookshops), I also have a lot of ebooks in my tablet. I once tried listening to the audio version when I was too busy folding washed and clean clothes and I can’t wait to know what happened at the end of a good book I’m reading. It feels weird because it feels like there was a robot talking in my ears, lol.

Found this site for audio book book download site.This is perfect for bookworms who are open to the idea of audio books.

Bookstore Behavior

The kids love going to Power Books in TriNoma. Not only do they get to choose a book from a variety of choices but they get to read books there as well.

Having gone to that place, I noticed several things in the children’s books section that I feel I have to discuss with the children.

  • A child gets a book, looks at it and just drops it on the floor but parents/caregivers do not tell the child to pick it up and put it back where she/he got it from. Tsk, tsk.
  • There are children who will open up a sealed book and will just scan the pages and just leave the book where ever they want to.
  • There are small children who tend to make noise or just run around the place but are not told to stop.
  • Some moms/caregivers talk very loud with their children like they own the place and that there are no other people there. (I have a video of an incident where the mom was so angry at her daughter for misplacing their Power Books card. She was berating her daughter and the nannies, telling them they are @#$%^& for losing the card. Ugh!)

So with these things, I have taught the children some guidelines:

  • They can only read the books that have been already opened and NOT open those that are still sealed.
  • They can talk in a soft voice because others are reading and consider this place as a “library”. (Yeah, never mind if one of the people there is just reading about eczema treatment while sitting comfortably on the carpeted floor of the children’s books section)
  • Put back the books where they got it from, just like what they do at home.
  • Guard their space in case someone tries to sit while one got up to get/return a book 😀
  • Be courteous.