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Technology: Good and Bad

The young people these days have things easy: answers to homework and mini-research papers are just a click of the mouse button away. They can put music in their music players and watch movies online without having to pay for these things. They can even do online shopping and look for new restaurants or specialty shops like which store has the best ipod cases even without stepping out of their homes.

The convenience technology has brought the young people can make them do great things or do otherwise.

Learning about new things is now a breeze, as long as the sources of information are legit and not suspect. Homework answers can be had with a click of a button. They can improve on what’s already existing and help others who do not have access to so much information and knowledge. Baking and cooking has been easy with the internet. People who mattered most to you but you somehow lost touched are now just a click away in Facebook or in Twitter (and now Google+).

Technology, on the other hand, make the young people lazy. They are too lazy to do any research from scratch because everything they need can be easily copied and pasted, even if the information they got were incorrect or unverified. They get photos from the web and say it’s theirs. Hah.

Sometimes I wonder what will become of these young people who spend more time doing things virtually than spending time in the “real world”.

Balik Eskwela

Pagbabalik eskwela ang akmang tema ngayong Hunyo.

Narito si Bunso, not exactly nagbabalik eskwela dahil pers taym niya pumasok sa isang pisikal na paaralan pero sa konteksto ng balik-eskwela, ganun na din yun 😀

back to school

Aga namin no? Sarado pa mga classrooms, hehehe. Hindi dahil sa sobrang excitement yan kundi coding kasi kami kaya dapat maaga para hindi mapara ng mamang pulis. Tsaka ang travel time papunta sa paaralan at pauwi, nadagdagan sa sobrang sikip ng trapiko.

Maaga din ang dating ng mga anak ko sa paaralan, siguro 6:30 nandun na sila para sa 7:30 na pasok. First trip kasi sila kaya 5:30am, nandiyan na ang service. Kakapagod, pero mukhang enjoy naman sila kaya ayan, ang aga pa tulog na sila.

Goodbye Summer?

The weather bureau announced (I think) the end of the summer season so we expect cooler weather because of the rains.

Overall, the tropical Pacific is cooling gradually and the return to neutral conditions may be expected this June 2010.

Still we experience extreme heat. We try to alleviate the heat by opening the big windows and letting in air to improve home ventilation. But for every action there is a specific reaction.

In this case, opening the window means hearing noisy people who have nothing to do but sit under the trees on the side of the property to cool off from the heat. Gah! I.totally.not.like.these.tambays*.

*Tambays = short term for standby in the vernacular

Crocs, Foursquare and Farmville Among Time’s 50 Worst Inventions

I know a lot of Crocs, Foursquare and Farmville fans/users will not like the inclusion of these three products in Time.com The 50 Worst Inventions.

I don’t have a pair of Crocs. I don’t want to broadcast my location to the whole world through Foursquare. I don’t waste time tending to my virtual farm.

Ok I admit, I still have a virtual farm but I have been a negligent farmer for a long time already. I’d rather do something about my age spots than plow and plant in my virtual farm.

Which reminds me, the house needs a thorough cleaning and I will get to that as soon as I am done cooking in my virtual restaurant  😀

Magic Tree House Series

Ito ang aking unico hijo, nagbabasa ng isa sa mga aklat ng Magic Tree House series. Gustung-gusto niya ang mga aklat na ito at katunayan, isang araw niya lang binabasa ang isang aklat. Me konting problema nga lang, dahil mahilig siya sa numero, gusto niya dapat sunud-sunod ang mga book na babasahin niya 😉

Magic Tree House

Meron ding siyang ilang series na kinahiligan kagaya ng Geronimo Stilton at Top Gear (hehe, iba na to) na dapat sunud-sunod din ang pagbasa at pagpanood sa season.

Ang mga numero tungkol sa Formula One: standing, scores, speed, haba ng race tracks, at number of turns nito  (dinikta niya itong mga ito) ay kanyang gino-Google. Dati ang hilig niya ay size ng smallest at biggest countries at mga population nito 😀

Numero, bow. Yan ang hilig ng anak kong lalaki.