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Shop Till You Drop

I’ve often wondered how much others earn.


Because they can afford to shop till they drop whereas we only shop when there is a need: broken school shoe sole, tight jeans and shirt, school performance and a school/family event where clothes we don’t have in the closets should be worn.

New bag? I still have bags I haven’t used yet. Unbranded. So what? The budget for a new bag which was a birthday gift from the hubby is still untouched.

New shoes? The pairs I use are still decent except my running shoes where one has the sole detached. I got a running event in three weeks so I think I need to get a new pair.

New clothes? As long as there are no big holes and clothes don’t look too shabby, I can hold off getting new clothes. The kids wear uniforms most of the time so we just make do with what they have except when it’s too awkward to wear jeans and shirts that are too tight.

One thing though, we don’t shop if we can’t afford because the thought of having to think about payday loans is something I don’t particularly want to be stressed with.

And yes, groupon sites are sites I’d look into again and again. Who knows, I might get good deals there. I already did and in fact, I still have to blog about it.

Pinoy Christmas

What would constitute a Pinoy Christmas?

Below is a checklist of things Filipinos love to do during the festive season of Christmas:

  • Misa de Gallo and that includes puto bumbong, bibingka and tsokolate-e
  • putting up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas songs as soon as the -ber months come (and yes, these Christmas decors in the malls are displayed alongside candles for All Souls’ Day)
  • food! be it a big slab of ham or a small one, queso de bola, fruit salad, pasta or noodle dishes, special meat dishes, and even the “borrowed” roasted turkey, a Pinoy Christmas is equated with feast (and lots of medications for queasy stomachs after the binging)
  • shopping: whether one shops at the poshest specialty stores or haggle with salesgirls at the Divisoria, gift giving is a responsibility one takes to heart. And yes, no matter what happens and how little the budget is, people are none the wiser and say “It’s the thought that counts”
  • borrowed traditions: like the turkey, Pinoys are adept at borrowing traditions and acting like these have been their practice for years (insert rolls eyes emoticon here, LOL) : Santa Claus, jour après Noël, Christmas stockings, Christmas village with mini houses and even moving skaters on frozen pond (miniatures and not the real ones)

Ok, bring the snow and let’s all have a white Christmas then, at the mall of course 😀

June Happenings

One of the best things to look forward to in June are weddings and here in the Philippines, the opening of classes. Both entail a lot of shopping, attending to details as well as yes, a whole lot of expenditures.

Weddings are wonderful family events. These are even made special when the couple go the distance to look for unique wedding favors (including bridesmaid gifts) as well as make the wedding unique and happy.

The opening of classes is one of the events to look forward to by families especially for those going to the big school for the first time. Many a tears are shed, both by the children and the parents.

June is also a day of celebration for my family since today, June 16, is my dearest mom’s birthday. It is also my parents’ wedding anniversary.

Do you have anything special for the month of June?

Shabby Chic

I used to watch a Shabby Chic show back when we still had cable tv.

I don’t know why but I think I like the look of shabby chic furniture more than modern furniture though the latter would be more practical to have of course.

When we went malling last weekend, one table sort of beckoned me to look at “her” from inside a furniture store. Yes, it is a shabby chic find definitely but there was nothing shabby with the tag price attached to it (PhP85,000!).

One day, I told myself, I will get a small house and have it decorated like ala-French cottage with shabby chic theme. Maybe I can start with the house soon 🙂

Makukulay na Balabal


Ang unang pumasok sa isip ko sa salitang “IYO” ay ang vocal exercises namin nung araw na “i-i-i-yo-ho-ho-ho, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho”. Hindi parang tawa ni Santa yan kungdi pataas na tono tapos pabababa yung pangalawang set ng ho, ho, ho 😀

Anyway, baka kung san pa mapunta ang usapan, ang aking post ay tungkol sa katanungan “Ano ang IYOng paboritong kulay?”

Sa aking pagtawid sa Landmark sa TriNoma kapag ako ay umuuwi mula sa aking 2x/week na “work” minsan ay nakatuwaan kong kuhanan ng larawan ang mga balabal na ito.


Medyo hindi nga lang yata maganda ang pagkakakuha ko kasi nagmamadali ang mga kasama kong mga anak ko (di ko tuloy na-adjust ang aperture at ISO, joke lang…)

Gusto ko diyan yung mga (mga talaga eh no?) blue, shade of aqua at lilac.