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Do Your Earn Anything in Facebook?

What have you earned when you clocked in 40 hours/month (give and take) when logged in Facebook? If you are logged in because you are a social media handler of a product or a company handling Facebook pages, then you are earning your keep. This will enable you to issue ach checks when needed.

But if you are just FB-ing to read updates, look at photos, watch videos and chat with your friends, you definitely are not earning a penny from it. As a blogger, I must say that I earn traffic when I share my posts/links in my FB page. Earning in this context means monetary benefits.

What is my gist? We spend a lot of time in FB which takes away time to be more productive, to do other tasks that need active physical participation. Logging out means we get to bond more with our loved ones rather than just saying we love spending time with them. Logging out means we get to spend quiet time with ourselves.

And by the way, we made some FB people millionaires.

Facebook New Timeline

Last week, FB friends were all raving (and maybe some were ranting) about the mandatory thing of having Facebook Timeline.

I didn’t complain because I had my Facebook Timeline back in September.

Here is an interesting article to know more about what you need to know about the Facebook timeline.I just wish people would take time to know about the privacy setting so their photos are not seen by people who don’t know them.

And yes,  we were born in the year ____ and Facebook happened. Isn’t that fun? 😛

Facebook Privacy Issues

You think everything you put in Facebook, no matter how you keep it private, remains private? Think again.

There is currently a movement called EUROPE V FACEBOOK and if you read the issues there (never mind if some were written in German, have someone else translate it to you like I did), you will learn a lot.

Here is another link about Facebook’s Privacy Issues.

What you will learn will make you re-think about the thing you personally share.

On the other hand, at least in Facebook, you found long-lost relatives, friends and people you used to be friends with and that’s a good thing. In fact, you think it is the best thing to happen ever since you learned to surf the web.

Ok then, just be careful about the thing you post and please, keep some of those information PRIVATE.


Another Post About Facebook

I wrote a lot about Facebook here. Some are just fun posts but some are serious posts about privacy or the lack of it.

Yes, like Twitter (add me up! LOL) Facebook gives users the ability to post updates as often as they want. Some are TMI (too much information) while some updates are downright annoying. Yeah, who needs to know you need to pee or just ate a cow dung?

For others, like me, Facebook is a perfect place to share new articles written, links that can help others and photos/videos that can tug the heart strings.

For me, it is a a venue to share with my relatives the photos and accomplishments of my children. It is also a place where we have “meetings” and where everyone pitches an idea that will help each other.

For some of our family and friends, they get to share with us clips and photos of their personal achievements, whether they won in a sports wearing their equestrian helmets, or accomplished a marathon, or even bagged that medal for an art contest. I’m sure first time to walk videos are one of the most commented videos with family groups.

For long-lost school friends, non-stop chatter on old school photos are a source of laughter and nostalgia.

I am sure there are many more worthwhile experiences we have experienced by joining Facebook. Let me just be clear with one thing though, please value your privacy while in Facebook.

Keeping Small Businesses Afloat

Small businesses can thrive because of their satisfied clients’ recommendation and word-of-mouth advertising. On the other hand, these small businesses will also have to deal with clients’ bad-mouthing them through online forums and blogposts especially when these customers were unsatisfied with their services.

After all those hard work, expenses with advertising, display banner stands, networking online and offline, being extra nice to people and working long hours only to be destroyed by a post or a tweet. That’

I’m not sure if I like the way online communities “talk” about some topics, whether in a good light or otherwise. Some people post things online that go viral and make things worse instead of having two conflicting ideas meet in the middle. The kuyog or online mob mentality is also something which no one wants to be at the receiving end.

I guess, it has to be a two-way street, don’t join online mob mentality so you won’t be the subject of one.

Of course, there’s no stopping others saying what they think and stating their opinions but in doing so, WE should proceed with caution lest we hurt others without knowing what the real score is all about.