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Frugal Christmas: Handmade Paper Stocking Tree Ornament

For another Frugal Christmas post, I present “Handmade Paper Stocking Tree Ornament”.

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My two younger children did these, two for each of them. When we were looking at these ornaments when we hung these, I thought the paper stockings look old-fashioned when put side by side to newer and more modern designs of tree ornaments these days.


  1. red construction paper
  2. white paper scraps, preferably Japanese paper
  3. craft glue
  4. Scrapbook embellishments

I just instructed the kids about what they should do and they did these quite well. Another post will be dedicated to the instructions and tips.

For now, we sit back on our (almost) modern furniture and enjoy the crafts hanging on the tree that they made.

Yes, there is going to be another post about another handmade paper ornament that they have done.