Frugal Christmas: Bargain Books for Kids

In keeping up with my practice of having a Frugal Christmas, I got a good bargain yesterday.

What are these things? Bargain books from a bargain book store.

Of course, most of the books being sold in these stores are already used so I was careful to choose what I have to get, lest I be thought of as cheapo to the max 😀

Anyway, these were some of the books I got:

The least expensive is PhP25.00 or $.0.50 (Php49.00 = $1).

The most expensive is PhP55.00 or $1.10.

These of course were wrapped (am done wrapping this afternoon) using white Japanese paper with my personalized Christmas gift tags attached.

Next post would be about additional new homemade tree ornamets.

This week too would be the trial run for my baking adventures. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on these tasks.

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