Frugal Christmas

I have started a series of Frugal Christmas posts about personalized Christmas gift tags, being on the lookout for that “perfect” chocolate chip cookies recipe so I can bake these as as gifts and handmade paper stockings as tree ornaments.

I hope to feature more of the things/ideas that I want to do.

To further perk me up, I have decided to do the Weekly Question about Frugal Christmas ideas/practices.

Check out this New York Times article: No Job and Fewer Gifts

So the Weekly Question is:

What frugal or practical Christmas tips (does your family practice) that you can share to cut down on Christmas-related expenses but not necessarily sacrificing on quality?

My answer:

I have already shared some frugal ways to cut up on expenses with the links regarding the things I have so far done and I have listed down things that I still plan to do.

  • Listing down the things needed as early as possible for early shopping for grocery items. Why? Traffic + Crowds = Extra Expenses. These are bound to happen, the prices of commodities get higher as the special day comes nearer. Traffic becomes worse, making traveling a hassle. Time is also wasted lining up to pay for a very few items that could have been bought before the crowds invaded the stores.
  • Gift-giving should be practical. Give things that can be used by the recipients. Who needs another mug or photo frame or spray scents that can cause allergies? Why not give food. Or give “love” and extra care and attention to your loved ones the whole year through?
  • For the younger ones, they could be commissioned to “earn” good points that will go the the gift “fund”. Chances are, the children are bound to be more helpful and “behaved” and more likely to give extra help.
  • For food, plan the menu well so the ingredients complement the dishes to be prepared. For example, the potatoes that were not used for the potato salad can be used for mashed potato to be served with chicken (or turkey). Leftovers can also be cooked as another meal.

Practicing frugal Christmas doesn’t mean scrimping nor short changing the holiday’s celebration. For me, this does not just apply for Christmas, this should be a way of life.

Interested? Join me here for Weekly Questions.

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  8. Just this for now, I still have 2 more to work for.

    Buon Natale Teacher Julie! Sending you and your family our virtual hugs and kisses! Ciao!

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  21. Hi T.Julie! My WQ is already up. I don’t think it will contribute anything to this week’s topic, though hehe 🙂

    Have a great week po!

  22. i agree, it has to be a way of life. 🙂

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