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For Real

For the nth time, I’m telling myself I should go on a diet because of a rather unpleasant happening this afternoon.

“That” was the last straw that broke the camel’s, errr, I mean MY back. Sorry, too embarrassing to tell.

I’ve been lazy for the past few months. Even I sometimes get tired of being too tired to do anything. Day after day I’d tell myself, “put on those shoes, groove to the dance moves you almost perfected last summer, start hooping once again and stop sitting down doing nothing the whole day.”

Should I start only when I feel faint due to lack of air and exercise? Should I start when I need to have bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

I’m turning a new leaf starting tomorrow, not for vanity’s sake but for my health. For real.

When Doctors Get Sick

It feels odd when doctors, especially your own personal doctors, get sick. Been reading about the article “When the Doctor’s Wide Has Cancer” and this reminded me of my ob-gyn who had a bout with breast cancer herself. She was not there for the first few monthly check-ups I had for my son because she was undergoing treatment for her cancer.

Imagine doctors who give tips on colon cleanse that works getting colon cancer, or like my ob-gyn who teaches her patients about breast cancer gets that condition herself.

Nobody wants to get sick especially those conditions that are not easy to handle.

Like a doctor friend once told us, she doesn’t want any of us in her clinic consulting on her specialization: conditions pertaining to blood diseases, because that means we are going through something she doesn’t like us to undergo.

Kicking the Habit

It has been almost six years ago when my father got severely sick and we thought he would be succumb to the illness that befell him.

One of the things he had to forgo to become better was his cigarette smoking habit and that includes cigar auctions even if this is for business purposes. He doesn’t want to be tempted 😀

He had to take a lot of supplements, including iron. He also had to sleep better. There was one thing though that he didn’t give up: drinking Coke 😀

Now he is healthy and gained weight too. I hope he gets to enjoy life more with my mother.

Trio Does the Trick

I’ve a little secret.

I’ve started taking these herbal pills being advertised on tv, the ones which say has L carnitine to help burn the fat. It has a caution though that diet and exercise SHOULD be accompanying these, two of which I don’t really have spent some time with. The trio does the trick of losing weight.

In my quest to find the best weight loss supplements I ignored two important factors: diet and exercise. I know, no pain, no gain. In this case, no pain, no weight loss. And for someone like me who is not getting any younger, losing the excess pounds is very hard to achieve.

Unless I go to a “beauty” expert and have these lasered or whatever.


I never thought I’d say this to myself: I long for a heated blanket.

Unusual, knowing that I can tolerate cool weather except of course in extreme circumstances which rarely happens due to our climate.

The weather has been cool lately all because the rainy season is in full blast. Daytime is another story though. It is the season of “suddenly” as a television commercial says: suddenly there’s rain, thunder, lightning, the works especially during the afternoon. People with weak immune system are getting sick.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid getting sick during these times:

  • get enough rest/sleep
  • load up on ascorbic acid
  • bring rain gear whenever you will go out of your house
  • drink plenty of fluids
  • get enough exercise