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Dinner Candles

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like seeing the sparkle of dinner candles. I definitely would love to have these on our dinner table but not nearly possible since we always have fans when we eat because of the summer heat.

candle sparkle

I have been to several lovely dinner with friends these past weeks. Each and every time we go out is special because we always have something great to talk about.Last night we had a great time during dinner with other bloggers.

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This Post is For You

Being forever on the lookout for diets that work, someone I know has been too obsessed with dieting that she has lost sight of the fun in eating healthy food that won’t compromise the expanding body width.

My solution to this conquest of the “impossible dream” would be to have more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink more water (argh! from a soda drinker) and cutting down on the salt intake among other things.

Other things include discipline to do a fitness regime and sleeping well.

I guess this friend gets my drift since I will be sending her this post I have written 😀

Coco Jam and Peanut Butter


Matagal-tagal ko ding hinanap ito kaya laking tuwa ko nung matagpuan ko at matikmang muli: coco jam. Sa totoo lang, noong ako ay batang paslit, ayoko nito kasi mabaho, lalo na yung kending makunat na nakabalot sa puting papel, Yuck talaga! Amoy langis ng niyog.

Sige na nga, heto na ang paboritong almusal namin: tinapay na may manipis na palamang coco jam at/o peanut butter. Kelangan yung me buo-buong mani at mamantikang peanut butter ha (argh!)

Coco Jam, Peanut Butter and Bread for Breakfast

Bakit nga ba manipis? Kasi matamis ang coco jam at dapat manipis lang para di magsawa agad.

Siyempre di pwedeng walang kape.

Ayan, kumpleto na ang araw naming mag-asawa 🙂  Tsalap!

Coco jam, peanut butter and wheat bread are all from Pan de Manila. No, this is not a paid ad though a big white paper bag full of pandesal is very much welcome, lol.

Can’t Look at My Photos

Looking at the pics I have uploaded taken from last Friday’s post-Christmas celebration with mommy bloggers I can’t help but cringe when I see myself. I have grown immensely. Horizontally. Ugh!

I have been walking by this kiosk in the supermarket where I see boxes of nutritional supplements and weight loss capsules. I am very much tempted to get some adipex pills  for me.

I know I need to get back to my early morning rounds but my sprained ankle prevented me from picking up from where I left off. The holiday eating galore didn’t help either.

I seriously need to keep the weight off.

I feel sad going through this and I hope I won’t submit myself to opening that container with my bite size chocolate candy bars, 😀

Pork Humba (Braised Pork)


Ang humba, bow.

Masarap itong kainin, lalo na kapag niluto sa uling ala slow cooking.

pork humba

Malambot, malinamnam, masarap at mabango.

Amoy pa  lang, ulam na! Tara, kain tayo 🙂